UpHealth is a free app, designed to alert you when you may have come into contact with someone infected with COVID-19.

The UpHealth app is also completely anonymous and private.

We believe in technology that can keep you safe during this pandemic while still protecting your privacy. 

So, how does the UpHealth app do that? 

When you install the UpHealth app on your phone, a random unique number is is automatically assigned to your phone. 

Then you can immediately use the app. There is no personal information asked in order to access and use the app.

While you have UpHealth running on your phone,  the app uses Bluetooth to scan for any nearby phones that are also running the exact same app. 

If UpHealth finds another user nearby, the app records their unique ID number to your phone with information on how far apart you have been and how long you were together. 

This information is recorded ONLY on your phone and the data is deleted automatically every 28 days.  In other words, your phone is the only place where this information is stored, available only to you. 

And for every interaction you have with another UpHealth user, the app also ONLY recognises and records their unique id. Because UpHealth has not asked for mobile numbers, names or other personal information. 

If you find you have contracted the virus, you will be encouraged to change your status on the app. 

Once the app receives this virus confirmation, the anonymous data stored locally on your phone – which has information on which other unique number IDs you’ve been in close contact with previously – is automatically uploaded onto our server via an encrypted connection so that no one will know who you are and what your phone number is at anytime. 

Once the data is uploaded, UpHealth technology then automatically goes through each interaction between the unique id numbers of your UpHealth  app and others who also have the app. 

If the interactions identified were close enough and for long enough (following the official medical regulations such as being in an enclosed workspace for more than 2 hours or standing apart less than 1.5metres for longer than 15minutes), then the app interprets this as someone you’ve interacted with might have also been infected. 

UpHealth sends these users a notification that they might be infected.

Again, the UpHealth app sends this message without knowing your personal details because it has been developed to make sure your privacy is of the utmost importance.

It only uses the unique id number that does not identify who you are, just where you are and whether you’ve been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 anonymously to identify who to send this message to.